Quality Control

Quality is the topmost priority at Viji foods. Our company is certified by ISO 22000:2018, HALAL CERTIFICATE, SPICE BOARD OF INDIA, APEDA & HACCP.  We have a dedicated quality control department which facilitates us to maintain our standards as per the USA and European market. Before delivering our products to the clients we make sure all the standards are met, the goods are in top-notch condition and packed properly. Our primary aim is to provide No.1 quality products and meet all the expectations of our prestigious clients. At Viji foods we have assorted machinery to control and maintain the quality from starting of the packaging to the end.

At Viji foods we continuously try to think of ways to improve customer satisfaction and also try to ensure to fulfill all the specific requirements of our customers. Our well-equipped staff makes sure that all the needs of customers are matched and fulfilled. We believe in delivering our commitments efficiently and on time.

Our focus area is not only quality but also the packaging is something that we take utterly seriously. Depending on the product characteristics and the customization requirements we pack our products in a way that it reaches safely and in a hygienic condition. Our commitment is always to deliver with efficiency and to make products reach our clients in the shortest span possible.


We at Viji Foods use the latest technology and machines for packaging for our wide range of products. Our dehydrated product range is the everyday staples that require high-standard packaging solutions for maintaining the quality. We use top-end materials in the packaging process. Our multilayer packaging material provides excellent barriers against moisture, oxygen, light, and grease and they are also designed to run efficiently on high-speed packaging lines. On the other hand paper & film-based multilayer laminated packaging ensures impressive printing results for powerful branding.

The process of packaging starts after a strict inspection of the products to be shipped, after the inspection, we seal our goods in an air-tight pack with the in-house multi-trans packaging technology. The products are also properly weighed before sealing them in moisture-proof grade poly bags, after that the bags are packed in the suitable or selected packaging option, and then they are perfectly ready to be exported. 

We provide different types of packaging options like bulk packing which comes in Jute bags, paper bags, HDPE, and box packs. We also have the option of retail packaging in 50 grams, 100 grams, 200 grams, 500 grams, and 1 kg. All the packing mentioned can be customized according to the clients’ requirements and branding.